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Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 mililiters

Servings Per Bottle: 30 



Auric Fields: First Auric Field - Fly Orchid, Second Auric Field - Montbretia, Third Auric Field - Shrubby Cinquefoil, Fourth Auric Field - Germander Speedwell, Fifth Auric Field - Lady's Mantle, Sixth Auric Field - Common Milkwort, Seventh Auric Field - Bell Heather.


Chakras: Root Chakra - Thyme Broomrape, Bearberry, Dark Red Helleborine, Flecked Marsh Orchid, Fly Orchid, Fuschia, Cats Foot, Limestone Water, Gonad Chakra - Guider Rose Berries, Water Avens, Orange Lichen, Welsch Poppy, Bird's Foot Trefoil, Honeysuckle, Montbretia, O'kellys Spotted Orchid, Solar Plexus Chakras - Tarlough Dandelion, Yellow Wort, Yellow Rattle, Primrose Cowslip, Shnubby Cinquefoil, Lesser Butterfly Orchid, Heart Chakra - Wood Sage, Northern Bedstraw, Great Horsetail, Rock Samphire, Great Juniper Berries, Lady's Mantle, Twayblade Orchid, Throat Chakra - Irish Eyebright, Mossy Saxifrage, Blue Gentain, Turlough Violet, Harbell, Germender Speedwell, Dense Flowered Orchid, Brow Chakra - Common Dog Violet, Sea Aster, Devils-Bit, Scabious, Tufted Vetch, Large Flowered Butterwort, Common Milkwort, Crown Chakra - Common Butterwort, Ling Common Heather, Fairy Foxglove, Selfheal, Bell Heather, Wild Thyme, Bee Orchid.




Meridians: Triple Warmer Meridian - Sea Aster, Circulation Meridian-Common Dogwood, Bladder Meridian - bearberry, Lung Meridian - Comon Dogwood, Small Intestine Meridian - Northern Bedstraw, Stomach Meridian - Yellow Wort, Governing Vessel Meridian - Ling Common Heather, Central Vessel Meridian - Common Butterwort, Liver Meridian - Guilder Rose Berries, Large Intestine - Mossy Saxifrage, Thyroid Gland Meridian - Blue Gentain, Spleen/Pancreas Meridian - Turlough Dandelion, Gallbladder Meridian - Water Avens, Heart Meridian - Wood Sage, Pancreas - Yellow Rattle



Organs: Pineal & Hypothalamus - Fairy Foxglove, Pituatary Gland, Devils Bit Scabious, Thymus Gland - Great Horsetail.



Other Ingredients: Purified Water, 20% Brandy


The Field

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